If you find yourself wondering where your money goes each month, you’re not alone. People at every point on the financial spectrum experience the same feelings of frustration and stress that can come from not having complete control of your finances. 

A spending plan (budget) is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went. A spending plan is the most important part of getting out of debt and gaining control of your finances. 

When we began following Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace program we quickly realized the importance of the spending plan. Once we began doing our own we were shocked to see all the ways money was wasted and how quickly we could start paying off those debts. By getting control of every dollar we finally were able to get out of debt and start building for our future.  

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I put together this 2 part spending plan webinar to walk you through the entire process. In Part One we discuss the budget process and explain the importance of the different steps. In Part Two I will walk you through the process by doing a sample budget and explain the process in more detail. 

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